Innoquest Inc.

A website redesign for a globally known product developer and manufacturer

Their innovative products within the agriculture, aviation, industrial and food service industries have made this product developer and manufacturer known and respected worldwide. Innoquest Inc. is best known for for their line of SpotOn® products that have revolutionized the way farmers maintain their sprayer nozzles. Their tools have gained national attention and are being sold by distributors across the globe.


A website focused on products

Innoquest Inc develops and manufactures a variety of products for varying industries. They have a few core product lines and it was important to have them displayed prominently. We opted for an introduction on the home page utilizing their logos. Linking each logo to a page displaying all products available from that specific line/brand quickly provides viewers with access to an overview of the products available.

Photo Credit: Landapixel

Photo Credit: Landapixel

Photo Credit: Landapixel

Photo Credit: Landapixel

Photo Credit: Landapixel

Inclusion of call to actions.

Inclusion of call to actions are an essential part of every website. Innoquest’s primary goal is to gain distributors for their products. To aid in converting website visitors into potential dealers we strategically placed defined call to actions throughout the website.

Before beginning your website design and development project, It’s important to know who your target audience is. Who are they, how are they finding your website and what actions do you want them to take when visiting you online? All of these questions guide the design and development process and having defined answers will help ensure your website works for your business.

Innoquest Old Website
Innoquest New Website

I was fortunate to be able to work with such a prompt and efficient company.
They mainly worked on our product re-branding and web redesigning. We were previously working with a different web developer that was not able to keep up with all of the updates in technology and compatibility. Landapixel had worked on some spec sheets for us and their price was within our budget.
I am very diligent with timelines and making sure we hit our launch dates. It is extremely easy to complete this with Landapixel because they adhered to the dates and were flexible with changes even after we had our own setbacks. They always went above and beyond to make sure we understood what repercussions would result from the modifications. They also guided us in changing the ownership of our website and making sure we were protected. Without a doubt, I will continue to use and refer Landapixel for all graphics and web developing needs.

Melissa – Innoquest Inc. | Via Yelp


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