Website Redesign Projects

A modern, attractive, content-rich, and interactive website is ideal for each and every company. Regardless of the industry you are in, your business should be well represented online, it can make the difference of successfully retaining a customer and making a sale. Check out the following list, if you find your website falls short of any of the following you may want to consider a website redesign project:

1. Website Lacks Presentation

How does your website look overall? Is it accurately representing your business? Does it look like it belongs online today or is it a boxy, plain, outdated website? If you get bored while looking at it, if it is missing graphics or if it is falsely representing you, you are due for a website redesign.

2. Website Lacks Quality Content

    • Current & Accurate

When was the last time you updated your website’s content? A website is meant to be informative and provide viewers with current information, if you are advertising a sale that expired a month, or even a year ago, chances are, your viewers will assume that all of your content is outdated and will move on to the next site, most likely your competitors’ websites.

    • Quality

If your content is up to date but lacks quality, it will also have a negative impact. Make sure to review your content and ask yourself if your viewers will find it useful, engaging and ensure that it will answer their questions.  Check out some tips on writing website copy.

    • Quantity

Make sure your content is displayed in a way that is attractive and easy to read; make short blurbs of text verses placing paragraph after paragraph as that can lead to an uninterested reader and may cause them to leave your website. If your website is set up to display large amounts of text in one section – a website redesign may be in order for you.

3. Your Website Is Not Mobile Accessible

This is absolutely crucial!!! Is your website easily viewable across devices? Today’s internet users are accessing the web via all different devices from desktops to tablets and smartphones; if your website is not accessible via these devices you are missing a huge audience, this means you are definitely due for a website redesign. Make sure your website is designed to be mobile friendly, designed using a responsive layout. Read all about it in What Is Responsive Website Design?

4. Your Website Has An Unfriendly Layout

Are you happy with your website’s layout? Do you feel your website is user friendly? Are pages and links easily accessible and is the most important information presented clearly? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your website will benefit from a website redesign project.

5. Your Website Is Missing A Blog

Does your website have a blog within it? A blog is a great way to present your viewers with current information, tips, and more. Having a well maintained blog will also help boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). If you desire a blog and don’t currently have one, you may benefit from a website redesign.

6. Your Website Uses Flash

Is your website built using Flash? You may want to consider a website redesign, a website that uses flash is unviewable from many devices and many times urges viewers to download the latest version; don’t make it difficult for your viewers to access information. Your website should be easily accessible to every viewer.

A website redesign done by a professional website design company will definitely help your online presentation, there are many benefits to a website redesign, start by requesting an estimate and get on your redesign project today!

Ready to grow your business? We can help! Ready to grow your business? We can help!
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