What is responsive website design and how does it work?

Responsive website design is a method of website design that will dramatically improve the way your website’s layout works. With a responsive website layout, your website will now automatically fit the screen it is being viewed on, so, regardless if you are using a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone, your website will work the way it was intended.

What are the benefits of having a website that is designed to be responsive?

A responsive website will help you reach every audience and it will provide them with an easy to use website. The website will now automatically be adjusted to the screen, website users will no longer have to pan the screen, or pinch in and out to read the content.

I understand that a responsive layout will help my website be mobile, but wouldn’t it be easier to purchase a mobile website?

On the contrary, having two websites, will not only be more work to maintain, it will be a bigger investment (less profit in your pocket), and it may lead to providing your viewers with inaccurate or outdated information.

  • You will end up paying more for two separate websites; instead pay a bit more for a responsive design and save money in the long run. (depending on your web designer, you may save money automatically from the get-go, adding the responsive feature may be more affordable than purchasing a mobile website)
  • You will now only have to maintain and update one website; saves you time and money! This will also ensure that you are providing the same information regardless where your website is being accessed; a big concern with two websites is having to update the content on both, sometimes leading to inaccurate or contradicting information displayed.
  • Provide your viewers with an attractive, interactive and easy to use website across all devices.

Is a responsive layout worth my investment?

A responsive layout may increase the rate you pay for a website, but it is most definitely worth the investment. Being able to reach your mobile audience is optimal in today’s world; as consumers, we want things fast and easy, and as a business you have to take every step to do just that. A responsive website will facilitate website viewing, engage your viewer, and this will in turn result in a higher chance of that viewer turning into a customer.

As a website designer, we definitely recommend upgrading your website and offering your consumers this new experience. Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Ready to grow your business? We can help! Ready to grow your business? We can help!
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