Carasco Photography

A new website for one of Chicago’s top photographers

Highly sought after for their creative eye and unique style, Carasco Photography specializes in documenting sophisticated weddings and events. Their photos have been highlighted as cover images on respected industry magazines and have earned numerous press features. Luxurious weddings and exclusive launches have taken them from Chicago to California and New York to Mexico. When you take their love for the craft with their level of talent and pair it with their outgoing personalities, its no wonder why they are one of Chicago’s top photographers.


Photography Website That Makes A Statement

Carasco Photography is not your ordinary wedding and event photographer. They win awards and photograph some of the most exclusive events and high-end weddings; they required a website to match. We took a modern approach to this website’s design and placed a high emphasis on the use of imagery. Overall, it has a clean appeal but it highlights their amazing work and informs the audience well.

Photo Credit: Carasco Photography

Photo Credit: Carasco Photography

Photo Credit: Carasco Photography

Photo Credit: Carasco Photography

Photo Credit: Carasco Photography

Highlighting who they are and what they do.

Carasco is a unique photography team, a husband and wife working together for over a decade! We designed an about page that is visually appealing and tells their story as well as introduces them to their audience. For their portfolio, we decided to spotlight a select number of events and create a page for each one. Each wedding client has its own page inclusive of a press feature (if featured in a publication) and a curated selection of images from the day of the wedding to best present Carasco’s work.

Building a website isn’t a “one suits all scenario”. Depending on your industry, an about page may call for a strictly professional approach or it may be important to add a personal element to aid in connecting with your audience. Additionally, when thinking about a work page, highlighting individual projects rather than a general “portfolio” page may be something to consider as well.

Carasco Photography Old Website
Carasco Photography New Website

The website that Landapixel created for our two brands exceeded our expections…The end result is a website that showcases our images in a way that creates a vibrant brand experience and allows me to make updates as needed. I highly recommend LandaPixel for web design!

Cara – Carasco Photography | Via Yelp


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