Website Vs. Facebook Page : Which is more beneficial for your business?

A Facebook page is not a website, nor does it do a website’s job. Having a (well-designed) website offers you a huge advantage to a business (specifically, your competitors) who only have a Facebook page.

A website automatically gives your company more credibility than a Facebook page. It is customized to really project who you are and what you offer. As much as you spruce up your Facebook page with interesting posts and cool covers and tabs (which is great and we recommend, but, in addition to a website) it is still only a Facebook page. Anybody can open a Facebook page and claim to be the best.

A website requires time and investment, people know that and trust that. With a website you are building your search engine ranking, and creating a custom online space for your customers and potential customers to learn about you. Your website doesn’t contain your competitors ads nor does it get layout and design updates (without your authorization).

With Facebook you may have a more limited audience, Facebook is constantly making changes that are not necessarily in your favor. They are limiting your audience and the visibility of your posts. So although you have hundreds or thousands of subscribers only a small percentage of them are reading your posts.

Facebook may be hurting your business, subconsciously your Facebook audience may judge you based on your fan base (the number of “likes”). Unfortunately, for small businesses it may be difficult to get “likes” on your Facebook page. If a competitor is far ahead it may count against you, your audience may think something is wrong with your business or service if you have too few likes. If on top of that you do not have a great website to back you up, your business may be in trouble.

Facebook is meant as a social network and yes, it is great to advertise your business on it, we do it too, however it should not be the only place you are found online.

An investment in your website is an investment in your company. Please contact us to get more information or fill out our “get a quote” form to receive your free website estimate.

Ready to grow your business? We can help! Ready to grow your business? We can help!
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