It is important to have set goals for your website to accomplish.  Whether you are:

  • currently working on a new website
  • looking to launch a new website
  • have a website already online

Check out these website goals and see where your website stands.

Website Goals

A website is your business’ online representation.  Make sure your website leaves a great impression on your viewers.  These goals will definitely help improve your website;  check out the website goals we believe are most important.

  • Accurately and effectively portrays your business, services, and/or products.  Having a website that poorly represents your business will likely have a negative impact on your business if at all.  You need to ensure that your website is designed to attract your audience, correctly represent your business and your brand, as well as be content-rich.  When writing your website copy, make sure to lists and explain your services and/or products.  Spruce up your website by adding a frequently asked questions page, some customer testimonials, and every website needs to provide viewers with a method of contact.
  • Present a site that is up to date with its presentation, features, and uses modern technology.  Your website should have a modern look, attract your viewers with a nice layout that follows your brand.  Engage your visitors with interactive features while regularly updating your website content to ensure your customers are getting current information.
  • Is displayed correctly across devices; desktop, tablet, and mobile – has a responsive layout. recently posted an article that stated that more than 50% of adults now own a smartphone and 90% of individuals with an income over $75,000 are smartphone owners.  As business owners this fact should be enough to ensure your website is mobile ready!  A website with a responsive design is ideal to compete in today’s online market.  A responsive design will adjust your website to fit any screen size, so with one website, you will reach viewers on desktops, tablets, and smartphones!
  • Engages viewers in order to result in more sales.  An effective website is one that will engage your viewers.  Make sure you present a website that is attractive and contains the information your consumers are looking for.  Creating an engaging website will combine many of our other goals, modern, responsive and content rich.
  • Effectively brands your business by using company logo, colors, and style while meeting modern standards.  Your website design and look should strongly reflect your brand.  Your website should display your logo and follow your color scheme.
  • Allows you to update it on your own via a content management system.  Save time and money by making simple updates to your website content on your own.  Content management systems give you the flexibility to continually update your website with ease at any time via your web browser.  A content management system will also permit you to actively update your blog, galleries, portfolio and sales/offers details.
  • Gain credibility for your business.  Have an attractive, informational, and professional website will instantly give your business a credibility boost.
  • Display portfolio, testimonials and current news with your viewers.  Not only do you want to introduce your business and your services and/or products, you need to present your viewers with content to further engage them.  Prove you are professional and reliable by posting client testimonials.  Update your portfolio with your latest projects.  Post recent news and/or tips to educate and inform your viewers.
  • Present audience with an easily accessible contact point.  You have a professional looking website, have provided your audience with accurate and up to date content, now what?  Don’t miss this huge website goal, ensuring to provide your contact information.  Take it a step further and provide a contact form that is simple and will push viewers to contact you!

What are some of your website goals? Help us add to this list!

Ready to grow your business? We can help! Ready to grow your business? We can help!
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