With technology growing so incredibly fast, there has never been easier ways to get your business online; this may cause you to ask yourself:

“Why should I hire a professional website design company when I have a friend who really knows his stuff!”

It seems today everyone has a friend who knows the ins and outs of website design and online marketing, or at least they think they know, so you might consider having your friend create a website for you in exchange for buying him/her lunch; if it were only that simple!

The truth, as harsh as it may sound, is that if you are serious about your business you should really consider hiring a professional website design company, after all, a website is what’s representing your business online. Think of your website as your virtual office, the one that welcomes potential clients, the one that explains your services in great detail, the one that answers questions regarding turnaround times, and more! What first impression would you like your business to present? Furthermore, you may already be a well-known, established, business; what does your lack of online presence, or worse, poorly designed, stone-age built website say about your business and technology?

Consider the following 8 points that prove hiring a professional website design company is worth the time and investment:

Turn Around Times

1. Turn Around Times : Don’t Play A Guessing Game

While getting help from a friend can surely help you save money, you can expect to lost time, business, and possibly your hair!

Hiring a professional website design company will ensure you have a set outline of expectations, including expected turn-around times. Asking a friend to help you with your website design may result in weeks, months, even years passing before making progress on your website design project, which results in loss of time for your business’ online presence – if people cannot find you online, they may just end up going to your competitors who are online. Lack of communication, stress and frustration are often present factors when hiring a friend to help you design your website; rest assured, avoid the headache, and get your business online in a reasonable timeframe by hiring a professional.

Professional Advice

2. Professional Advice : Get The Right Answers When You Need Them

A professional website design company is well informed and is able to provide you with advice from a professional stand point. A website designer is continually learning about the latest trends and is the one to turn to in order to ensure your website will be a success. Your friend may know his stuff, but unless its his/her full time job to know it, they will not be as knowledgeable as an expert.


3. Launching : Launch A Website Worthy Of Representing Your Business

Oftentimes, when working with a friend, you will end up with cutting corners and launching an incomplete website, why?

  • You feel like time has gone by with little to no progress, so you rush to have something up online
  • Your friend doesn’t have the knowledge or experience as to what content is necessary
  • Lack of creative design experience to correctly or attractively display content

Hiring a professional website designer will ensure your website is content-rich and appealing to the eye, you will receive helpful information and suggestions for your website copy writing as well as recommendations for type of content and graphics.

Up To Date Technology

4. Up To Date Technology : What’s The Point Of Launching A Website That Looks 10 Years Old & Doesn’t Work

We are confident in assuming that most of you don’t have a friend that is continually learning about the latest in website design best practices; from the design to the development and everything in between, it is important that your website is created correctly. Technology is ever-changing, as a business you don’t only want to be online just to say you’re online; you want to get found online and you want to engage your viewers and provide them with the information they need and want. A professional website designer is knowledgable about current technologies to best design and develop your website, and this in turn, will help you reach and engage your audience.


5. Mobile : Don’t Miss Your HUGE Mobile Audience

We are in 2013… a large percentage of consumers are online most of the day, even when they are on the go, that means they are browsing the web from their tablets and smartphones. Does your friend have the ability to design and customize a website that will be viewable across devices? You can count on your professional website design company to have you covered; we design websites that automatically adapt to the screen they are being viewed on regardless of screen size or device brand. If your website is not accessible via mobile devices you may as well be referring them to your competitors.

Appealing Website

6. Appealing Website : Invite Your Audience To Browse Your Website

While having a friend help you out in getting your business online may seem easy, it may actually hurt your business. We are sure you have come across a website that you couldn’t believe was launched as-is; the horrible color scheme, long chapter-like content you have to dig thru to find out the information you’re looking for- if you are one of the few that took the time to sit there and read it that is, then, when you go to click on a link – it doesn’t work! You need a website that works and is appealing to the eye; hire a professional to ensure a fully-functioning, interactive, and attractive website.


7. Drama : The He Said She Said Game

So, you have this super cool friend that knows all sorts of things about building websites, perfect, right? WRONG! They agree to help you out, but the moment you start being selective a to the content and give your input regarding the design, they get defensive and take it personally. Later that week, you hear from another friend that they are talking behind your back, “after I take the time to help them out and build a website, he/she is criticizing my work, what a jerk…. blah, blah, blah”. So now, your friend is upset, you wasted time trying to put your website together – you are unhappy with what was done and you are being badmouthed by your friends.. DRAMA! All you wanted, was a website to represent your business online, but now, you are worse off, you are stressed, website-less and have lost time.

With a website design company, you are at liberty to decide what you want, how you want it, and when. There is a contract stating the design terms and conditions that will protect both you and your designer – you will have a stress-free website design project going and properly and efficiently present your business online in a timely manner.

Peace Of Mind

8. Peace Of Mind : Enough Said

Be confident that your website design project will run smoothly and efficiently; know that at the end of it all you will receive a correctly designed and developed website that will fully represent your business online – hire a professional from day 1!

Having explained our top 8 reasons for hiring a website design company, it is important that you realize that not all “professionals” are created equally. You have to do your research before hiring any person/business. “How To Hire The Right Website Design Company” and “Questions I Should Ask Before Hiring A Website Design Company” articles coming soon!

Ready to grow your business? We can help! Ready to grow your business? We can help!
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